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Nineteen frequently asked questions around psychometric tests

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) around psychometric assessments help you better understand the intricacies of psychometric tests and provide answers to all your queries on the subject.

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Top takeaways

What is a psychometric test?

What are the several types of psychometric tests?

Does psychometric testing work in recruitment?

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Psychometric tests garner significant interest from hiring professionals. But there is considerable confusion and mistrust regarding their practicality and applications. Therefore, we have addressed all the queries concerning these assessments to help HRs (Human Resource) and hiring managers to recruit culturally fit candidates.

Hence, we have created this informative piece to help address several queries concerning psychometric testing. After extensive research, we have compiled the nineteen most asked questions around psychometric tests by organizations, hiring managers and HRs, first-time users. This easy-to-understand piece will assuage any concerns and dispel common myths to drive greater acceptance of the psychometric testing process.

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