Ultimate guide to hackathons

The Ultimate Guide to Hackathons

This ebook is a definitive guide for understanding hackathons and their unique advantages. If you want to learn about transitioning to online hackathon platforms and choosing efficient tools, here’s all the help you’ll need!

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Top Takeaways

360-degree understanding of hackathons and their applications

100 percent insight into elaborate hackathon prerequisites

A 6-step instruction manual for choosing the right hackathon platform

What’s Inside This Ebook

An Overview

Hackathons are not limited to being a playground for coders and developers alone. This ebook takes you through the amazing details that have established online hackathons and their counterparts as a wonderful platform for recruitment, team-building, innovation and a fruitful exchange of perspectives. You will learn about the different modes of conducting a hackathon for beginners and discover the myriad opportunities these hackathons open up for you.

What You’ll Learn From This Ebook

From outlining the different corporate hackathon ideas to unveiling the efficient ways of choosing a hackathon platform, this ebook offers all the information you’ll need. Besides, you will understand the role of marketing and operations in onsite and online hackathons, the difference between internal and external hackathons, the benefits of each and more.

Sneak Peek

This ebook also takes you through the key highlights of Xathon: Mercer | Mettl’s fully online hackathon and ideathon platform that helps host world-class hackathons successfully and effortlessly. The features that make Xathon a stellar tool include:

  • Personalized Events Page
  • Quick Scheduling
  • Seamless Collaboration
  • Submissions Management
  • Leadership Board


Learn all about these features in the ebook and determine how you can utilize them to establish and improve your position as an employer and a brand.

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