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Mercer |Mettl’s Proctoring Innovations

This Ebook will familiarize you with Mercer | Mettl’s world-class proctoring solutions that address all educational continuity-related concerns.

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Top Takeaways

Insights into new proctoring features that curtail cheating attempts

Understanding of value-adding innovations that ensure continuity

Highlights of other advanced solutions that ensure academic and assessment integrity

What’s Inside This Ebook

When Mercer | Mettl launched its cutting-edge examination platform with remote proctoring technology in 2015, it transformed the entire conventional assessment landscape. Its all-in-one, integrated solution not only digitized academic exams with top-notch infrastructure but also abruptly ended online cheating, a long-time concern for academia. By 2020, the company had built an exceptionally robust and world-class system. The system was so dynamic that it enabled countless universities and institutes globally to seamlessly pursue their examination schedules amid the ongoing health emergency and the ensuing disruption.

Come 2021, and Mercer | Mettl’s online proctoring solutions such as state-of-the-art anti-cheating solutions have profoundly changed the way examinations are being given and taken online. Imagine having a new and intelligent mechanism that enables educationists to maintain similar levels of academic and assessment integrity as in the traditional setup. Mercer | Mettl systems are just that- a fool-proof structure to conduct cheating-free exams in sync with evolving technology, rules, requirements and policies.

What you’ll learn from this Ebook

This Ebook will introduce you to the newly minted additions to Mercer | Mettl’s online proctoring solutions, designed to meet the demands of the digital pedagogy and curtail the test-takers’ cheating attempts. These new-age proctoring solutions address all educational continuity-related concerns with improved precision and unmatched security. They also add an unprecedented layer of comfort, credibility and convenience.

Sneak Peek

The Ebook introduces Mercer | Mettl’s state-of-the-art anti-cheating software contributing to a safe and secure online exam.

  • A hassle-free service to help faculty conduct proctored and cheating-free exams without leaving their own LMS environment.
  • A powerful AI-based audio proctoring software scans the test-taker’s physical environment for additional noises using the microphone.
  • Glimpse into Super Proctor, a security layer that simulates a physical center’s experience and enables exam controllers to oversee proctors’ invigilation quality.
  • An upcoming feature that will add more teeth to Mercer | Mettl’s suite of solutions is the AI-enabled facial recognition technology.

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