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Mercer | Mettl’s ‘Developers of the Future’ Process

This Ebook will familiarize you with a tech hiring process that works perfectly for most businesses. It takes you beyond the polished resumes, pre-screening inefficiencies, biased references and predictable answers.

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Top Takeaways

An insight into what forms the crux of Mercer | Mettl’s ‘Developers Of The Future’ process

In-depth understanding of the three critical obstacles often faced when creating a stellar workforce

A straight-forward strategy laid out in 5 simple steps to help build a future-ready workforce

What’s Inside this eBook


The corona-induced ongoing tumult has underlined that people create value in businesses. And technical teams have enabled many companies to create a financially-viable roadmap in these challenging circumstances. Hence, companies are looking to build a stellar tech workforce with dextrous and brilliant developers in 2021 to take their company’s innovation to the next level. But it is easier said than done. With obstacles such as limited understanding of the right assessment tool for the right role, barriers to learning and training needs assessment, and wrong engagement ideas, it does get difficult in creating high-performing tech teams. Which is why, this ebook explores a comprehensive strategy that technology leaders or hiring managers can adopt to stay ahead of the curve despite various challenges.

What you’ll learn from this Ebook

Mercer | Mettl’s ‘Developers of the Future’ process takes you through a unique tech workforce building formula that merits a strong talent building strategy. It elucidates the steps that begin with identifying and recruiting top talent, developing them, afterward creating a cohesive culture that drives innovation, performance and engagement among employees. The result is a positive and resilient organization with a stellar technical workforce.

Sneak Peek

This holistic guide lays the path to hiring right by helping you:

  • Plan your assessments as per the role and skills needed
  • Screen your applicants comprehensively
  • Undertake online coding test interviews
  • Invest in Upskilling and Reskilling opportunities for your employees
  • Devise real engagement plans

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- Shirisha Jain

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