How to Recruit the Top Talent in 2020

How to Recruit the Top Talent in 2020?

Welcome to a holistic approach towards talent recruitment. This ebook unveils the power of reaching out to the right talent pool, psychometric and aptitude tests, and new-age strategies that will help you get the best talent onboard.

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Top Takeaways

Identify human personality traits that contribute to stronger professional performance.

Go beyond CVs and past candidate records with more advanced talent hiring tools.

Understand the role of data analytics in determining candidate behaviors.

What’s Inside this Ebook


As professional spaces around the globe continue to get more competitive, the need for alternate talent recruitment solutions is more pressing than ever. This ebook highlights how next-gen talent hiring is more than just powerful CVs, projects, and conventional skill sets. It elaborates on the relevance and accuracy of evaluating professionals based on attitude, aptitude, interests, psychological perspectives and technical skills. Furthermore, the ebook offers in-depth insights into cognitive screening, types of reasoning, and other factors that contribute towards discovering top talent in your industry. Finally, it encourages you to explore spaces like social media to reach out to potential candidates, build communities, and develop a workforce that is high-performing, high- potential, and truly future-ready.

What You’ll Learn from this Ebook

This is a comprehensive guide to help you upgrade your talent hiring process based on an array of internal and external factors. From introducing you to new-age recruitment tools to providing you with actionable suggestions regarding recruitment marketing, the ebook covers it all. It will help you:

  • Learn recruitment strategies that the leading firms are eyeing for talent acquisition .
  • Adopt evolved assessments for testing potential candidate proficiencies and attitudes.
  • Apply inbound marketing tactics to your talent hunt process.
  • Nurture relationships with leads who show interest in your company.
  • Discover ways to turn candidates into promoters.
  • Make informed decisions about recruitment budget allocation, job ad campaigns, etc.

Sneak Peek

This ebook includes detailed information about some of the best talent hiring assessments offered by Mercer-Mettl.

  • Psychometric Test that measures the 4 key human personality traits that a hiring manager may consider before hiring a suitable candidate.
  • Aptitude Test that helps recruiters in finding people that are most likely to perform and are better at achieving desired outcomes.


These tests accurately measure a candidate’s fluid reasoning, crystallized reasoning, cognitive abilities, dark and positive traits, motivation, value, and preferences.

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