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Twenty–five companies that use psychometric testing for hiring

This eBook elaborates on the applications of psychometric assessments in the hiring process. It also explains how big business groups and successful startups use psychometric testing to peek into potential candidates’ minds.

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Top takeaways

Psychometric tests can be used as sieves for finding and hiring the right people

Several leading organizations worldwide leverage psychometric tests for hiring

25 companies that use psychometric tests in the hiring process

What’s inside this eBook

An overview

This ebook offers detailed insights into the impact and use of psychometric tests in the process of recruitment. It also highlights why psychometric testing is an essential part of a successful hiring program. In addition, you will discover how some of the leading organizations across the globe are leveraging these assessments to make strategic decisions about hiring and L&D based on data.

What you’ll learn from this ebook

This ebook focuses on companies that use psychometric testing to gain an in-depth insight into the evaluation of candidates and find a good fit for the job. Through this ebook, you will learn how psychometric assessments are instrumental in helping organizations make the right talent decisions. In addition, you will learn about twenty-five companies across industries that use psychometric testing to identify, onboard and develop suitable candidates for required roles.

Sneak peek

This ebook gives you a complete rundown of the world’s most popular companies that use psychometric assessments to determine candidate fitment for any given position.

Here is a glimpse into the key areas covered in the guide:

  • The importance of psychometric tests for companies
  • The importance of psychological personality tests for selection purposes
  • 25 companies across industries that use psychometric testing

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