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Campus Recruitment Strategy 2019

This e-book acts as a building block for an effective campus recruitment strategy, enabling employers to target the right campuses, hire the right people, using the right tools.

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Top Takeaways

Campus intelligence can help you with important questions about which campuses to target.

Hackathons and case-study competitions are a great way of campus engagement.

Increased use of modern tools can help predict on-job performance.

What’s Inside This eBook


Mercer | Mettl has been working on campus hiring programs with India’s leading corporates since the past eight years. Our campus assessments have helped to filter a large pool of candidates and increased reach to more campuses in lesser time, thus ensuring an improved turnaround time. Based on our experience of empowering organizations, we have come up with this 6-step guide which collates all the learnings to build an ideal campus recruitment program.

What You’ll Learn from this eBook

  • How to build campus intelligence?
  • How to build relationships with colleges?
  • How to engage with students?
  • How to streamline screening using modern tools?
  • How to conduct structured interviews?
  • How to engage students post offer roll-out?

Sneak Peek

From shortlisting the top institutes, assessing and selecting skilled candidates to offering them competitive salary packages and further engaging them till onboarding, campus hiring comes with its distinct set of challenges. This e-book answers the following questions:

  • Which institutes to shortlist?
  • Who to hire?
  • What to offer?

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Bhuvi is a content marketer at Mercer | Mettl. She’s helped various brands find their voice through insightful thought pieces and engaging content. When not scandalizing people with her stories, you’ll find her challenging gender norms, dancing to her own tune, and crusading through life, laughing.

- Bhuvi Kathpalia

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