Campus Hiring 2020: Challenges, Trends and Best Practices

Campus Hiring 2020: Challenges, Trends and Best Practices

This ebook deep-dives into revealing the present-day shift required for a campus recruitment process and various challenges confronting a modern-day campus recruiter amidst the Covid-19 disruption.

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Top Takeaways

Perspectives from 400+ industry experts.

Campus recruitment solutions for remote and virtual hiring.

Crucial campus hiring best practices in 2020.

What’s Inside this Ebook


This research paper serves as an ultimate resource for modern-day recruiters. Complete with survey results, professional opinions, and up-to-date statistics about the need and effectiveness of remote campus recruitment systems, this ebook introduces an extensive range of opportunities and possibilities for new age campus hiring. You can look forward to a wholesome outlook towards the key recruitment hindrances during Covid-19. More importantly, you can turn to this resource for recommendations when you need to move forward and upgrade your hiring processes.

What You’ll Learn from this Ebook

This ebook serves as your go-to guide for overcoming the most pressing on-campus recruiting challenges through:

  • Strategies that leverage technology to revolutionize campus hiring processes.
  • Future-ready solutions that maximize the outcomes of your remote hiring initiatives.
  • Approaches that help you ease into the future-of-recruitment!

Sneak Peek

This research paper concludes with Mercer Mettl’s range of campus recruitment solutions. These technology-driven offerings can help you conduct large-scale virtual campus drives effectively. Few such tools that are covered in this ebook include:

  • Virtual Campus Hiring Strategy
  • Competency Framework Analysis
  • Xathon
  • ProctorPLUS
  • A suite of assessments and simulators
  • VidView


Discover the key features of these tools and their advantages in the ebook.

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