Behavioral Assessments

Behavioral Assessments: The What, Why, and How

This ebook is an excellent resource for learning about and adopting behavioral assessments in your recruitment and reskilling processes. It directly speaks to organizations and decision-makers for upgrading current approaches.

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Top Takeaways

Identify core behavioral competencies vital to your organizational success.

Create a detailed competency framework for different job roles and levels.

Customize assessments and exercises that can measure critical competencies.

What’s Inside this Ebook


Behavioral competencies are essential indicators of future workplace success and crucial for workforce planning, recruitment, training and development. This ebook deep-dives into the core of behavioral competencies, the ways to measure them, their advantages, and the types of assessments that will help in measuring them. Offering rich insights into conducting behavioral assessment tests at the workplace, this ebook serves as the ultimate guide for recruiters and employers alike.

What You’ll Learn from this Ebook

With the ultimate goal to help you choose and develop the right people for the right job, this ebook promises to familiarize you with:

  • Online and offline behavioral evaluation tools.
  • Competency-tool mapping for identifying relevant behavior indicators in individuals.
  • Using behavioral tests as strong predictors of job performance.
  • Using assessment tools to give candidates a “preview” into an organization and//or their future job roles.

Sneak Peek

This ebook enables you to explore Mercer | Mettl’s advanced suite of behavioral tests and tools, which can be used in isolation or combination during any phase of the employee life cycle. These tools are designed to help you with the selection, promotion, and development of your employees across various roles.

You will also discover how Mercer Mettl’s behavioral assessments can help:

  • Validate employee performance
  • Customize processes to suit organizational requirements
  • Assess professionals in realistic job scenarios

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