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Industry report on building high-performing sales team for the IT/ITeS industry

This ebook is for companies looking to build winning sales teams. Given that empowered customers are on the rise and achieving success is mission-critical for companies, deep-dive into some key recommendations to create successful synergy between both.

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Top takeaways

An overview of an IT sales industry’s

A closer look at the top competencies that form the core of an ideal IT sales rep

A suggestive IT sales framework by the Mercer | Mettl team

What’s inside this Ebook

An overview

Various organizations in the IT/ITeS industry worldwide spend an inordinate amount of time gauging the suitability of a prospect for a given role. They are oblivion of the fact that, applying scientifically backed methods that assess an employees’ personality type, learning objectives and personal inclinations across roles and departments can salvage much of these efforts. Moreover, given the dramatic evolution of the IT sector, competency-based hiring can help many companies hire winning teams with minimal difficulty.

What you’ll learn from this Ebook

The Mercer | Mettl playbook for the IT/ITeS industry is a blueprint that identifies competencies needed for sales hiring. With enough industry evidence, the report urges organizations of all sizes, from startups to Fortune 500 companies, rigorously assess their sales hiring competencies and adopt scientific methods as a process.

Sneak Peek

This ebook enables leaders to explore Mercer | Mettl’s recommended IT Sales framework that enlists some psychometrics tests, along with tools to hire those directly aligned with organizational goals. These tools are designed to help select, promote, and develop prospective or current employees across various roles.

Learn about-

  • General competencies that are a must-have
  • Behavioral competencies that are highly recommended

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